Arundel is the land of Gods and Dragons, who have dueled since time began. Dracon is the centre of the world, the largest and grandest continent, home of the mighty Dragons.

Arundel is split into 7 main regions:

  • Dracon, home of the Dragonborn and ancient Dragons.
  • Selthym, home of the elves
  • Thlaal, populated by dwarves
  • Hielam, a small island where the aetheral devas live
  • The Infinite Islands of the Abyss, where all manner of monsters and demons can be found
  • Greenhammer, an island shared by the humans, goliaths, and orcs
  • Mage's Island, home of the most powerful (yet solitary) magic-users in the world.


Dracon has been the home of the Dragons since before history existed. The Dragonborn were spawned when the blood of Io (the Dragon God) mixed with the dust of the world to create a race of half-mortals, half-Dragons. Dracon is by far the largest of all the continents; most of it is inaccessible to anyone but the mighty Dragons. The Dragonborn live in the north-east corner, where they have made cities and villages and ships, and Dragons rarely demean themselves by treading.

Before contact with other races the Dragonborn considered themselves scum who were not even worthy to clean up after the mighty Dragons which dominate the land. After they met the first humans and elves, however, they realised that even though their race can't compare to the mighty dragons, they are vastly superior to all other creatures of the world.

For many generations, the Dragonborn did not even allow other races to step onto the sacred land of Dracon, but in the past century, sentiments have shifted - the advantages of trading with the elves and the dwarves became apparent, and some are even permitted to set up house and market on Dracon.

Many Dragonborn resent this and wish to drive them out, but the majority are more accepting. More and more the traditional Dragonborn are finding themselves unable to cope with seeing their beloved Dracon diluted like this, and leaving to explore the rest of the world instead.


Most Dragonborn will encounter the mighty Dragons early in life as a rite of passage is to travel out to the border of the desert, and sit until a Dragon is spotted. As well as this, the prevalence of dwarves, elves and humans in Dracon gives the average Dragonborn a familiarity, if distate, for the lesser races.


The main God of Arundel is known to be Io of the Dragon, however, dwarves and elves are believed to have their own, minor gods as well.


All Dragonborn speak Common, and Draconic, the language of the mighty Dragons. The latter is used only for pacts, weddings, and anything binding or holy.