Biographies and Short Stories

  • Frankel the Peedling

    (July 2007)

    The story of how the renowned author of children's classics "Uncle Chum and Aunt Lovely" and "The Vizard of Az" became one of the country's most-wanted political revolutionaries.

  • Princess Azma the Fairy

    (August 2007)

    As a child, Princess Azma loved hearing tales of mermaids, vampires, werewolves and the unliving. As an adult, she took the chance to welcome them back into Az - no matter the costs.

  • Dorysse Glum the Gnomish Wizard

    (August 2007)

    In the middle of Nomad's Land, there's a Gnomish caravan - a rare sight in itself. Outside the caravan sits a Dwarf, talking to his hand, a mythical creature. Inside the caravan is a self-taught wizard and a truly ridiculous number of scrolls.

  • King Azzle the Fairy

    (August 2007)

    The mild-mannered father of Princess Azma keeps things close to the heart.

  • Borge the Gladiator

    (August 2007)

    Dwarves typically find their calling on the seas or in the mines; Borge is shocked to find that he's an exception.