Game of Thrones: Season 2

In June/July 2014 (four years late to the party) Elizabeth finally watched through Game of Thrones. Aware of her squeamishness, her brother Xander (who’s seen the show) and friend Anne (who’s also read the books) thought it might be amusing to see her reactions as she watched. This is the transcript of that experience: it contains many spoilers and not much coping.

game of thrones

  • Episodes 1-2
    Elizabeth: Bran gets piggy backs from Hodor
    Elizabeth: I never get piggybacks
    Xander: Ask Hodor!
    Xander: He is piggyback king!
    Elizabeth: I love Hodor
    Elizabeth: He would give the best piggybacks
  • Episodes 3-4
    Elizabeth: …wait, is Tyrion pretending to marrying this lady off to all different peeps?
    Xander: Elizabeth, we stopped questioning Tyrion a while back
    Elizabeth: If Tyrion wants to give a lady a harem, I suppose that is Tyrion’s right

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