Lost: Season 2

In 2009, Peter watched through the first five seasons of Lost for the first time, live-tweeting all thoughts as he had them. Nicknames were created, awards were invented and dispensed, and predictions were made. If you’ve never seen Lost (or even if it’s been a while), these may not make much sense.


  • Episodes 1-3

    Peter: “What did one snowman say to the other snowman?”
    Peter: Snow place like home?
    Peter: Freeze a jolly good fellow?
    Peter: Icy you over there!

  • Episodes 4-6

    Peter: Oh no.
    Peter: Sun’s lost her wedding ring.
    Peter: (This is really a plot I could happily live without.)
    Peter: Prediction: Desperate to find her (inexplicably magnetic) wedding ring, Sun turns the electro-magnet up to max.

  • Episodes 7-9

    Peter: I just want Mr Locke and Mr Echo to get married and have babies.
    Peter: And adopt a polar bear.
    Peter: That would make me happy.

  • Episodes 10-12

    Peter: Ha!! Anna to Jack about Kate: “You hittin’ that?”
    Peter: I love it when characters cut through the crap.
    Peter: Who needs subtext when you can just use TEXT!

  • Episodes 13-15

    Peter: I like to think that Sayid’s actor had it specifically written into his contract that he had to torture someone once/season.

  • Episodes 16-18

    Peter: I wish I had a secret boyfriend who could teach me a second language. I would learn French.

  • Episodes 19-21

    Peter: Hurley is getting girl advice from Sayid.
    Peter: This is the absolute best person to get advice from on the whole island.

  • Episodes 22-24

    Peter: Every time Eko says anything, I feel like punching the air with sheer joy.
    Peter: He seriously just said “I know” and I was like “AWESOME!!

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