Lost: Seasons 4-5

In 2009, Peter watched through the first five seasons of Lost for the first time, live-tweeting all thoughts as he had them. Nicknames were created, awards were invented and dispensed, and predictions were made. If you’ve never seen Lost (or even if it’s been a while), these may not make much sense. In early 2010, he moved away from the house containing the Lost DVDs, and so the liveblogging abruptly halted. To be continued…?


  • Season 4: Episodes 1-3

    Peter: Sayid should get his own spinoff, helping people find love and occasionally torturing.
    I’d watch it.
    Peter: His slogan could be “We help you find who you’re looking for.”
    Peter: That way it covers both matchmaking and tracking people.

  • Season 4: Episodes 4-7

    Peter: I think this Judge’s name is Gazlehurst.
    Both his judging and his name are stupid.

  • Season 4: Episodes 8-10

    Peter: Carl: “I have a bad feeling about this.”
    Peter: I can’t hear that line without thinking it’s a Star Wars reference.
    Peter: Carl is shot.
    Peter: Note to self: never proclaim that I have a bad feeling about anything.

  • Season 4: Episodes 11-14

    Peter: Let’s face it, you were suicidal anyway.
    Not sure why that was in second person.
    Hopefully you, reader, aren’t suicidal.

  • Season 5: Episodes 1-3

    Peter: Now they’re travelling to LA
    Peter: Ever since the show stopped being about the plane crash, they’ve really had to work to hit their plane-quota.

  • Season 5: Episodes 4-7

    Peter: Prediction: Sun kills and eats Aaron.
    I don’t think THAT’s going to happen.
    Aww, he sent chocolates!