The world consists of three known planes - Arundel, the land of the normal; Feywild, the land of the fantastical; and Shadowfell, the land of shadow.

Shadowfell, Feywild and the Underdark

A large part of Elfish study is learning about Feywild. The Eladrin are believed to be distant cousins of the Elfs. As a result, the two largest cities on Selthym (Silwen and Galavir) are built near two known entrances to Feywild, and ambassadors are regularly sent for trading and diplomatic reasons. There is also rumour of a third entrance, located on Greenhammer.

The Feywild is known to be home to fantastical creatures, primarily the Eladrin (a type of high elf) but also unicorns, faeries, and the pegasii.

Little is known of Shadowfell, except that it is inhabited by creatures of nightmares and horror tales. The Underdark is a series of caverns known to exist under most of Arundel, where the Dark Elves ("Drow") were banished before written history. After their banishment all entrances to the Underdark were sealed. There has been no contact between Selthym and the Underdark since then.


Arundel is split into 6 main regions:

  • Dracon, home of the Dragonborn and ancient Dragons.
  • Selthym, home of the Elfs
  • Thlaal, populated by Dwarves
  • Hielam, a small island where the aetheral Devas live
  • The Infinite Islands of the Abyss, where all manner of monsters and demons can be found
  • Greenhammer, an island shared by the Humans, Goliaths, and the Orcs
  • Mage's Island, home of the most powerful (yet solitary) magic-users in the world.

Selthym has been the home of the Elfs for all of known history. The mapped area is less than one-twentieth of the continent, mapped only because that is where all villages and cities are located - built for ease of trade with Dracon and Thlaal. The rest of the continent is covered with pure forest; Elfs living free and unhindered by buildings or possessions. These Elfs are known as "The Pure", and are held in high regard by the "westernised" Elfs, who often feel a sense of uneasy guilt or regret for altering their living habits to live as the Humans do.


Over 100 generations ago, the first Human ships arrived in Selthym and attacked the (then-peaceful) Elfish population, resulting in a long war. The Humans were defeated and most retreated while others settled in and learned the Elfin ways. The War of Races is taught to every Elfish child, and its ramifications are still felt throughout the land, most obviously in the villages on the edge of the forests where Half-Elfs are plentiful and Humans are still viewed with suspicion.


It is rare for an Elf to encounter races other than Humans, with three exceptions:

  • Traders will regularly come into contact with the Dragonborn and the Dwarves of Thlaal.
  • Ambassadors and diplomats regularly meet with the Eladrin, and some claim to have even been in contact with the Faeries.
  • Those sent to study overseas may, over the walls of the covenant, see Dwarves, Orcs, Goliaths and (extremely rarely) Devas.

Trade to Dracon and Thlaal is mostly done for diplomatic purposes; Elfs are extremely self-reliant, but The War of Races taught them the potential value of allies.


Selthym is unified under the Elfin Emporer, beloved by his citizens. Elfin leaders are voted in, but the Emporer has overwhelmingly won the vote for over 200 years now and running against him is widely considered a foolish task.


Corellon Larethian is the God of the Elfs. Melora, the Fey Goddess of the Sea is the God of the Eladrin, and some Elfs may worship her if the wild way of Feywild particularly appeals to them. The God of the Humans is believed to have been one of the primary casualties of the War of the Races, and so Humans living in Selthym will typically be Corellon-worshippers.

Little is known of the other Gods in Arundel.


Elfs speak Elfin (referred to, incorrectly, by foreigners as "Elven") and all but The Pure will speak common as well. Elfin traders typically speak a smattering of Draconic and Dwarven, and those with a strong interest in the Feywild will speak Sylvan, the language of the Fey.

Birmiel is the village Rayona was born in, and Galavis and Silwen are the two Elfin capitals. Winterbole Forest is where the covenent is located, Winterbole Covenant.

Here's your character's observations directly before the campaign starts:

You set down the path of Winterbole Covenent, where you have lived for as long as you remember. The woods are cold and dark, and soon you feel alone, as if you are being watched by unseen eyes. You're no more than an hour's walk from the covenent when a Goliath steps out in front of you - a hulking beast, the like you've only ever read about in scrolls before.

"What's a pretty lady like you doing all alone in the forest" he leers, but before you have a chance to respond, he reaches out his hulking arm, and bashes you once on the head. The last thing you remember hearing before all goes dark is his evil chuckle, and then everything goes quiet...