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Once upon a time, three siblings lived together in Queensland, and all was good.

Together, they would frolic through the DVD collections, watching through TV series and movies together, making witty comments and compiling lists…until one day, a great and evil wizard called “Melbourne” came to swoop up the eldest child, Peter. The remaining two siblings tried their best to carry on, quickly forgetting their former sibling. Many years passed, and Melbourne’s evil apprentice “Brisbane” returned, and took away the youngest of the siblings, Xander.

Alone and frightened, the middle child (Elizabeth) worked desperately on a solution, until she eventually devised a magical portal, called “The Internet”. Through “The Internet”, the three siblings were again able to watch through television shows together – their thoughts and opinions were now recorded, and the siblings decided to put them online for all to see.

Not That Kind of Marathon is a collection of the best of their livebloggings, collated and compiled just for you! Only you. This entire website was specifically crafted to your particular tastes. Even the friend/website/google you found the site through was handsomely paid, just to make sure the link fell into the right hands.


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