Orphan Black: Season 1

In early 2015, Peter and his friend Georgia sat down to watch the entirety of Orphan Black season 1 in one day. Or was it…Peter and a clone!?

No. It was definitely Georgia. We checked.

(Peter was the clone.)

orphan black

  • Episodes 1-2
    Georgia: Art seems to have a lot of issues.
    Peter: He’s misunderstood
    Peter: I mean
    Peter: ALL Art is misunderstood
    Peter: But this Art particularly
    Georgia: I have heard he can be hard to appreciate.
    Peter: I may not know him, but I know what I like
  • Episodes 3-4
    Peter: In that episode:
    Peter: -No one actually died
    Peter: -We only met ONE clone
    Peter: -No soap-drinking action
    Peter: -No body-looting
    Peter: After a strong start, this show is going seriously downhill
    Georgia: It’s world-building
    Peter: It’s bullshit, that’s what it is
  • Episodes 5-6
    Peter: Georgia you know more science than me.
    Peter: Is that as nonsensical as it sounds?
    Georgia: I know at least ten more sciences than you, and can confidently say that that is solid science.

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